It's been a long time since I wrote a post like this. The feature craft punch in today's project is this Martha Stewart heart punch. I thought since Valentine's Day is approaching, I will use this punch to show you how you can create five pretty and unique gift tags for your loved ones' gifts.

First of all, if you don't have a gift tag punch, then you have two options. You can make your own following this tutorial, or buy a pack at the craft store. I found the tags for this project at Creative Bag for the low price of $2.

I also grabbed a few supplies from my craft room: a Valentine's paper pad, a paper trimmer, gold washi tape, some rhinestones, scissors, a glue stick, and embellishment glue. Complete source list is at the bottom of this post.


Tag 1

Punch out 7 hearts: three of each in the pink card stock, and one gold glitter heart. Glue them down in the order shown in the picture, starting from the top. The gold heart is the centrepiece in this tag, so it was glued down last.

Tag 2

Cut three strips of washi tape and set them in parallel angles. Snip off the ends. Glue a pink heart, and use embellishment glue to glue a heart-shaped rhinestone on the heart.

Tag 3

Trim a sheet of red card stock to about 1 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches and glue to the centre of the tag (your dimensions may vary depending on the size of your tags). Punch out three gold glitter hearts and glue in the centre one above the other. Use embellishment glue to adhere three red rhinestones to the centre of the hearts.

Tag 4

Punch out 6 hearts: three in the shiny gold paper and three pink. Glue them side by side on the tag, alternating them. Use embellishment glue to adhere three heart-shaped rhinestones in the centre of the pink hearts.

Tag 5

Cut three strips of the gold washi tape and space them equally apart on the tag. Snip off the ends. Punch out 6 hearts: three in the shiny red paper and three red hearts in the textured paper. Glue the red textured hearts down first, and overlap the shiny hearts over top.


White tags (2 x 4 1/4 inches): Creative Bag

Heart Punch: Amazon or Michaels

Recollections Special Valentine's 12 x 12 inch paper pad: Michaels

Paper trimmer: Fiskars

Gold washi tape: Dollarama

Rhinestones: Michaels

Scissors: HomeSense

Glue stick and embellishment glue: Elmer's from Michaels

This post is meant to show you what you can do using a single heart punch. You can take the concept and run with it with anything you choose. For a similar project, check out how I used a daisy flower punch to create five beautiful tags.

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