Did you know that today is National Popcorn Day? Well, it is in the States, not in my country, but heck, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Who doesn't want to celebrate popcorn? What usually follows is a great movie and family time. So why not make it a day to celebrate!

Plain, salty, or buttered flavour - whatever your taste buds crave - pick up a bag today, but before you do, try making these adorable and fun-for-the-whole-family popcorn bags!


  • Light-weight scrapbook paper (70 lb/110 gsm) in patterns of your choice

  • Paper trimmer

  • Scotch tape

  • Clear treat bags


1. Pick a pattern. I started off with a 12 x 12 inch paper.

2. Trim the paper down to 9 x 6 1/2 inches.

3. Gently fold the paper horizontally, and slightly overlap the second fold.

4. Apply a piece of tape.

5. Fold the bottom of the bag about 1 inch up.

6. Open the fold and fold in the two corners.

7. Fold over the two flaps, overlapping them. Apply tape.

8. Puff the bag, and the bottom should look like so.

Next, I would fill the bags with a treat bag liner, especially if you picked up a bag of buttery filled popcorn like me. You can buy them from the baking section at Michaels.

Scoop in the popcorn using a measuring cup until it fills the top.

I also added some heart candies seeing as we are getting so close to Valentine's Day! I picked up a small bag of them from Dollarama. If you don't have a store near you, most bulk stores should carry them.

If you're into portion control, these small bags are just the perfect size. Especially for small kids - it's still a treat without overdoing it.

I hope you go out there today and get yourself some yummy popcorn! Thanks for taking a look.

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