Over the weekend, I was cleaning out my craft room and reorganizing a few things. When I got to my collection of rubber stamps, I found this one of Cupid. Sometimes I forget what I have when it comes to my supply stash because I can collect so much over a course of a year. This was just the case here. I could have bought this stamp last year or the year before that, but either way timing was perfect that I found it just then.

Then I got an idea. How adorable would Cupid gift tags be! It wasn't long before I got to work.


  • Valentine scrapbook paper

  • Paper trimmer

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Thread

  • Cupid stamp (but you can use any Valentine-related stamp here)

  • Ink pads


First, make the tag shapes using this tutorial. That step takes the longest. Then, stamp the tags and feed some thread through and you're done!

I used a combination of red and black ink for this project. I love how the red pops against the black and white tags. But red might get lost on the other papers, so I used black ink for those.

Since I also held onto these scrapbook papers for a while, I'll share with you some of my favourite sources to shop for them:

  • Michaels is a no brainer. Around January you can start seeing Valentine books being sold in stores. They are usually 12 x 12 inch pads. You can also purchase some individual sheets (but stock may be limited), in their paper aisle.

  • Hobby Lobby has a good selection as well. They sell some seasonal 6 x 6 inch paper pads, and have a great selection of glitter paper.

  • HomeSense (or HomeGoods in the U.S.) also sells small paper pads, however I haven't seen any for Valentine's yet. They did have a great stock for Christmas, so that's one to keep in mind.

  • I can't speak for all dollar stores, but Dollarama carries a selection of glitter paper, and perfect for Valentine's, they have red, gold, and silver.

  • If you prefer to shop online, you might want to check out Amazon. This link brings you directly to the section of papers for Valentines.

Thanks all for taking a look at this easy Valentine craft. Have a great day!

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