For Valentine's, I'm planning on giving my daughter a new pair of earrings. Make that 3 pairs. She lost a few over the years, so I decided to make her some cute as a button earrings - literally! They are the perfect fit for her tiny toddler ears, and if she does lose them, I won't feel so bad because they were inexpensive and are easy to produce again.

This project is simple and quick, and all you need is one handy tool: a hot glue gun!


  • Flat post earrings

  • 6 mm wide buttons

  • Hot glue gun

  • Earring backs

I bought the Bead Landing nickel-free brand for this project, which I purchased at Michaels. I also found this pack of adorable buttons, which comes with three shades of blue. My daughter loves blue. So I made her three pairs of blue earrings.


I turned on my glue gun to a high temperature. It's good for plastic and any heavier weight material that isn't paper. Then, I simply applied a small dab of glue to the flat part of the earring and attached a button on top. I pressed down for a few seconds, and that was it!

The glue dries fairly quickly, so you want to make one at a time and immediately apply the button to the hot glue.

I still have to find a cute box for them. Or make one? Now that's an idea!

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Thanks for taking a look friends. Have yourself a great day!

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