Last week I received these two beautiful wreaths as a gift:

I like pine cones, they are my thing. In fact, after I put away the Christmas decorations this year, I left all the pine cones exactly where they were. I have them in lanterns, jars, and even underneath a cloche in my dining room. I figure they could pass as "winter" decor.

Naturally, I didn't want to put these away so soon either, so I decided to use these wreaths to make a double hung wreath for my door. This project was achieved in a few easy steps.


  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Craft wire


I didn't have to shop for this project, which is always a bonus. I had the ribbon, luckily it was red to match my door, although you can use whatever colour you like. Whenever I buy a thick ribbon, I go to Creative Bag, where I can buy them in larger rolls for a warehouse price. That is where I bought this ribbon from. The craft wire can be purchased at Michaels.

The first thing I did was locate this hook at the back of both wreaths. If the hooks didn't exist, I may have had to do this project differently. I then cut a length of ribbon after deciding how far apart to space my wreaths. I spaced them about a foot apart.

I simply took a length of wire and looped it tightly around the ribbon and hook. I wrapped it about 10 times around. I repeated this step for wreath #2.

When I was done, I cut the end of the ribbon in "v" shape.

Then I hung the wreaths to the door with a staple at the top.

I did my best at taking outside photos, but it was so cold.

We got first rain, then a light dusting the day before, and everything froze over night. You can see the wind blowing the ribbon about. Brrrr.

Happy to report that the sun has been shining all day though. That's all we can ask for for January.

Thanks all for taking a look. Have a amazing day!

#Decor #DIY


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