I felt like it was just yesterday when I started this blog. Well actually it was August! Isn't it amazing how much time flies when you're having fun?

To this day I have published 62 posts, as well as tried to keep a shop and attend craft shows (and I'm sorry that the shop pages have been the pits lately. I'll work on them after the holidays - promise!). In those 62 posts, I have a few favourites, and today I am sharing those with you!

These butterfly prints in my daughter's room were made with some card stock, a craft punch, and repurposed frames. I love the way they turned out, and you would think that I bought them from a store! See the full tutorial on this adorable little girl's room project when you click here.

Speaking of my daughter, we enjoyed the most amazing mother-daughter summer. Our days were often spent splashing in the lake, climbing the monkey bars at the park, and building castles in the sand. When she went back to Montessori in September, I was sincerely sad and missing those days that we spent together! So I put together a little fun photo book using pretty scrapbook paper and washi tape to keep those memories close forever. You can see that entire project here.

For an easy jewellery craft, and if you're a fan of the sea like me, you'll love this next one. Check out how to assemble these nautical charm bracelets in this post in just a few seconds!

Who doesn't love an adorable paper bunting, especially a jar one! I made this banner using a punch and bright papers, then strung it over the chalkboard in my kitchen. It really brought some colour to the space. Check out this post to see how I made it.

Over the summer I had flowers on my mind a lot as we did a lot of pruning and planting in the gardens at our new home. So naturally I made these easy paper flowers using a single heart punch. Check out the tutorial here.

I threw my 2-year-old a butterfly birthday party in October (hence the pumpkins), and one of my favourite projects for the party was this butterfly gold-lettered birthday banner. It was a little windy that day, but it was still fun! See this post for the entire birthday affair and other projects.

These candy corn inspired bookmarks for Halloween were so fun and easy to make! My nephew really loved his, and to this day it's one of my most popular Halloween projects. See how easy they were to make in this post.

I have a small fascination with the Day of the Dead. Really, it's more the sugar skulls. I like to look at their bright fun colours, although I've never actually decorated with them. This past Halloween, they seemed to pop up in stores all around me, so I created these free printables and shared a little bit about their history in this post here.

My DIY tree snow globes! They are only about 5 inches tall, but I love, love, love them. I spray painted the lids gold first (but you don't have to). Then I filled them with trees and snow. You can see how I did that here.

My "We Wish You a Merry Christmas..." gold tree print is one of my favourite Christmas projects because I enjoy changing up the art in my home on a seasonal basis, and nothing to me is more personal than handmade art. I also like how it looks in the black frame, especially paired with the deer print. For your free copy of my tree printable, click here (and it isn't too late to also gift it!)

There you have it friends, my favourites from 2015! I can't wait to begin the new year with new projects. I haven't thought too much about it, but one thing I would like to include more of in my blog is kids crafts. My little one is still too small to help mommy with some crafts, but there is still some you can do with a 2-year-old. Most of the days she's not with me, but when she's home, crafts is a fun way to pass the time (especially on days it doesn't stop raining like this week!) Yesterday we made some adorable paper ladybugs. I will share those on the blog in the New Year. So things of that nature is what I hope to share more of in 2016.

In terms of the shop, and my business in general, I have had a couple of successful craft shows in the past two months. I like to create for the Christmas holiday, so next year I hope to attend more shows around that time. I thank my friends and family who have also supported me. You are all the best! Starting next year, I want to bring a variety to the shop. I want to create tags and cards for other holidays as well, including Valentine's, baby, etc. I may also want to sell more than just cards and tags, but I still need to sit down one day and think really hard about it and formulate my plan. I'm in serious holiday mode now, so a lot of this is me thinking out loud as I type.

Well friends, I'm off. Have an amazing holiday season, and best wishes for the new year! I hope you enjoyed this list, and I hope you'll be back to share in another fun year with me in 2016! Thank you always.



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