We all find inspiration from somewhere, and this project came to me when I first spotted these small gold jars at a Michaels store. They were only $1.50 each, but how they would make perfect candles was the thinking that went through my mind when I saw them.

Before I knew it, I was buying a pack of wicks and scented oil to make candles even though I had no clue how to! But I'm glad I did, because it turns out that making votive candles is super easy, and all it requires is a little patience watching wax melt. No problem!

For this project, I decided to use an unscented pillar candle that I bought from Real Canadian Superstore. It cost me $2.50. I bought two just in case, but as it turned out, one was more than enough to make three pretty and pine scented gold votives. You can also use used candles that you have at home. Sometimes I find that my candles don't burn evenly, and I have several like that. Those are the perfect ones to use so that no leftover wax goes to waste.


  • Unscented pillar candle

  • Large cutting knife and cutting board

  • Glass pitcher or measuring cup (one with a spout)

  • Medium pot

  • Spoon

  • Scented oil

  • Wax paper

  • Jars

  • Votive wicks

  • Clothespins

  • Oven mitts


Unwrap the pillar candle and use the knife to shred the wax over the cutting board. Make enough for about one cup, and place into pitcher or measuring cup. I happen to have a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup which worked perfectly.

Fill a medium saucepan with just enough water to bring to a boil, and place measuring cup inside. If the handle of the measuring cup is immersed in the water, then you added too much. Bring to a boil on medium heat.

My batch took almost 30 minutes to completely melt, which surprised me. I thought wax melted faster than that. So this is the part where you need to be a bit patient, and never leave the pot unattended either. Also, stir occasionally with the spoon to break apart wax that forms into larger pieces. It could help to speed things up.

While that's melting, prepare your countertop by placing a sheet of wax paper. Then, prepare the jars. Place a wick inside each one and attach it to a clothespin. This ensures that the wick remains in the centre when you later pour the wax.

The wax is fully melted when you don't see any more solid forms. Remove from heat and use the oven mitts to retrieve the measuring cup. Drop about 2 ml of the scented oil into it. Then, pour the mixture into the votive holders.

Shortly after this step I noticed that the wax left a bit of a sink hole in each of the votives. I did a bit of research and it's because the wax shrinks. So I melted a little more wax, and filled in all the holes to the top.

I poured enough wax to fill the sink holes. Then I let the candles dry completely overnight. The next day I cut off the excess wicks with scissors.

Now, I love how the scent fills the air, and to think I made these candle...I made them!

Thanks all for taking a look at this project. I hope I have inspired you, as I was inspired that day I was shopping in a Michaels store (funny how that happens!)

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