I am very close to finishing my Christmas shopping, and the next thing to think about is wrapping. However, it's still a bit early for me. I like to wrap my gifts closer to Christmas day, when my tree is lit up and I can stick a few presents underneath as opposed to finding places around the house to store them until then. Who wants to hide beautifully wrapped packages and chance them to getting crushed in a drawer or lost in the attic? (The latter is a bit of a long shot, but you get the idea).

HOWEVER, I've been snooping on Pinterest for inspiration, and I cannot help to share some of these beautiful wrapping ideas from some creative people who shared their work. I find it fits just perfect with this blog - finding unique ways to express creativity, and all of these are easy DIYs. I'll let the photos do the talking, and each one links back to the original post for more images and tutorials.

{ via Satori Design for Living }

{ via Damask Love }

{ via Landeelu }