I love today's project because:

1. They are so easy and fun to make.

2. You can keep them for yourself or make them as gifts.

3. They are just darn cute!

Do you need any other reason?

To make these DIY Christmas tree snow globes, you will need a few things from the craft store.


  • Glass jars with twist on lids

  • Gold spray paint

  • Mini trees

  • Hot glue gun

  • Mini white pom poms

  • Ornament flakes

You can put anything you want in a DIY snow globe, but I chose these Christmas trees, and a few flakes and pom poms to act as snow. I bought all of my supplies at Michaels.


First of all, remove the lids and spray paint them with gold paint. I chose gold because I'm into everything gold these days, as well as is most of my Christmas decor. I bought the Krylon Short Cuts (85 g) in Gold Leaf. It's more than enough spray paint for this job. Give the lids two coats and let them dry fully before the next step.

Once the lids are dry, glue a tree or two to the centre of the bottom of the lids with the hot glue gun.

Next, drop pinches of flakes and a few pom poms into each jar. Twist the lids back on, and you're done!

I made 3 jars, one to keep and two to give away. Or two to keep, and one to give away? I haven't decided! :)

Total project time: 15 minutes (+ drying time)

Thanks all for taking a look. Have yourself an amazing day!

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