Call me a word nerd. When I was just a kid, about 10 years old, I loved making word searches. Not just doing them, but making them. I would think of all sorts of themes, like, the names of all the girls in my class, or different types of trees. Then I would put them aside and find them hidden away in my desk some time later. I would even experiment with different colour ball point pens, so I would have word searches done in purple, green, and blue ink. I was more than just a word nerd, I loved office supplies too (still do, I haven't changed!)

But these days, we have a computer to do all the hard work for us. Well, part of the hard work. When my hubby saw me making today's word search in the theme of Halloween, he asked me why I wasn't using an automatic generator. Apparently, there's websites that do that kind of stuff. My response: Where is the fun in that?!

This fun search-a-word brings me back to my good old childhood days. I would feel selfish keeping it all for myself, so I'm sharing it here, now, as a free printable!


I decided to also give the neighbourhood kids a treat this Halloween and stick one of these in their bags. You can do it too!

Thanks all for taking a look. For more Halloween projects, you may not want to miss: