October weather is simply unpredictable. We were hoping for clear skies and semi-warm temperatures as the weather people promised last week, but we didn't quite get that. I was lucky however to get in a few pictures of the decorations before the rain came. Some didn't make any though, like my butterfly pumpkin, or the utensil buckets that you saw in this Instagram photo I shared weeks ago:

I just didn't get around to taking them, and they didn't last long outside. I didn't even bother putting out the confetti at all. The wind was fierce as you can see in some of these photos below (just look at the blue tablecloths):

I made this birthday banner for my daughter using card stock and gold adhesive letters found at Target. Then I punched out a few butterflies using this punch and this punch and attached them to the banner with tape.

Remember when you were growing up, and every birthday party that you went to had a pin the tail on the donkey game taped to the wall? I'll be honest, I haven't seen anyone do them in years, but I brought it back with my version of pin the butterflies on the flowers!

I will be sharing the image for this game as a free printable in an upcoming post, so look out for that.

I made loot bags for all the kids, and put my punches aside after I found these adorable butterfly bags at Party City:

I made the name tags on a website called PicMonkey in the font Janda Stylish Script. Then I filled some of the bags with butterfly stickers and wands and necklaces, as well as candy. I sought out dollar stores and Toys R Us for loot bags goodies.

My homemade play dough did make an appearance. My daughter is using the butterfly cut outs, and I made the sign in PicMonkey in the same font as the loot bags.

The kids did love that. Unfortunately, after some time we had to move the party indoors. But, it was a fun birthday party, and one I'll always remember! I can't wait to plan the next one :)

Have you ever done a butterfly birthday theme before? What did you make or do differently?

Have a wonderful day.

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