Earlier in the week I shared this image on Instagram:

I was doing a few things, one of them being making table confetti for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. The theme is butterflies (can you tell?) :)

Making confetti is super easy and I do it all the time. All you do is pick up one or more mini craft punches which you can do at craft stores or some dollar stores for as little as $1. That's a pretty sweet deal! Then, choose your favourite scrapbook paper patterns or construction paper and punch out shapes until you have lots to spread around a table.

This simple tip can save you both time and $$ in the long run, and it's actually quite fun! I have been to a few party stores and haven't been able to find butterfly confetti, but with my craft punch, I had nothing to worry about. (The punches you see here are just a few of the Recollections collection available at Michaels).

Another quick tip: to make double-sided confetti, make sure you glue together two sheets of scrapbook paper back to back first. That way, when you're tossing them over a table, you don't have to spend extra time flipping them over.

As for planning this party, I have some fun stuff up my sleeve! So far though, you might not want to miss my DIY butterfly pumpkin:

I will have more projects to share with you as I go along. Have a great day, friends.

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