Since moving into our new home in June, we never quite finished decorating any rooms. For instance, many prints never made it up on the walls, and in an attempt to clean up ones just laying around, I decided it was time to put some attention into our bedroom walls.

These frames came as a set of 3 when I received them years ago, and originally they were a gold colour. I liked them, but now that I am using the frames in our bedroom, the colour just didn't work. I decided to paint them with Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Pure White. Here's how I did it:

I removed the glass and prepped my table for paint. Here's where holding onto old magazines or newspapers comes in handy. I used a sponge brush and covered all the frames once, then set them aside to dry. About one hour later, I applied a second coat to them. Then, I took a clean sheet of paper towel and rubbed the paint along the inner (flat part) before it dried. This step is to remove or lesson the appearance of "brush strokes" (ironically, even though I used a sponge brush, you could still see brush strokes!)

The advantages of chalk paint is that you can get that distressed look if you want it. The more paint you add though, the more coverage you get. If you really want the gold to shine through the paint, one coat, plus a quick dab off with paper towel, does the trick.

Knowing that these were going on a wall right next to the bed, I thought I would create the art of a famous phrase: "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". I made the word art in PicMonkey (PicMonkey offers the use of free custom fonts!) I used the font called Janda Stylish Script. Then, I printed them off on a white card stock for thickness.

If you want to replicate this look, I've already done half of the work for you. DOWNLOAD THESE FREE PRINTABLES when you click on them below!

Including drying time, the project takes about 2 hours to complete.

Ain't it really sweet though? The frames had just the right amount of detailing that was perfect for this project, and goes well with the asthetics of the room.

Thanks for taking a look here friends. Have a wonderful day.

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