Lately, I've had flowers on my mind. In June, our little family moved into our new home. I went from owning a townhouse with a small garden in the front, to a space where I have 5 large perennial beds. Those perennial beds needed a lot of hard work and care. This week, we're planting, planting, planting, as one does in the Fall, to make those beds pretty. (You might have seen some of the new hydrangeas that we planted that I shared on my Instagram feed. Above is a picture of one).

So, speaking of flowers, did you ever see the beautiful graphic florals from Creative Market? I love them for making stationary and art prints for my home. And because there are so many to choose from, I can customize the look to fit my space or compliment the season.

Flower bunches:

Emma floral collection:

Watercolour garden:

Vintage floral set:

Country flowers:

Floral bouquets:

Bohemian dahlias:

And just the perfect clipart for this season:

Autumn flowers:

*This post was sponsored by Creative Market. I make a small percentage when you purchase a product featured in this post. All opinions are 100% my own.*

How would you incorporate these beautiful florals plus more into your home? See the entire collection from the most talented artists when you visit Creative Market. Then, under "Graphic", type "floral" in the search menu.

Have a wonderful day all. (If you'd like to stay up-to-date on my gardening this week, you can do so by following along on Instagram).

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