In June, we moved into a new home with a completely finished basement. Down there, there is a small room, about 10 x 10 feet, right off a larger rec room, and that room has become my craft space.

I have always dreamed of a craft space, and although the basement may not be ideal for lack of light (there is one small window), it is nonetheless mine and I'll take it.

It is still coming together, but, I have been enjoying "setting it up", and putting things in its place. Getting creative with storage is the fun part in this process, and I'll show you five unique ways to store your craft and wrapping supplies below.

1. Glass jars

Vintage (very top) or brand new (top; Target) glass jars are so versatile. In the craft room, I use them to store small rubber stamps, washi tape, elastic bands, and so on. It makes these items easy to find, and I like displaying things like washi tape because they are so fun and colourful too.

2. Mini buckets

I saw these adorable buckets (about 5 inches tall) while out shopping one day and I just had to have them. I find they are the perfect size for holding things like popsicle sticks. I also use them for pushpins. If I have a large quantity of a small item, these work just fine.

3. Ceramic bowls

In my old office, I purchased this bowl from Indigo at the time to hold paper clips. In the craft room, I find it works well for my short supply of fancy tape. For more pretty ceramic bowls, check out this lineup at World Market.

4. Woven baskets

I'm not sure how I ended up with this basket, but it's been with me for years. At the old house, I used a closet to store wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, and the like. I used this basket for bows and kept it on the top shelf. It works for me here too.

5. Flower pots

I have a large selection of flower pots that you'd think I own a nursery! This one was too pretty to store away, but too small for any of my plants. I love the detailing in it, and it's the right size for craft scissors.


P I N M E !


So you see, the craft room should be as creative and unique as the work that comes out of it. I hope I have inspired you to think outside the box, and find new uses for items to make your craft space, whether it's a room or a small corner, original like you.

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