I brought home a plant last week and for a while it sat in this white pot looking like this:

I didn't want to go through the trouble of transplanting it into new soil, and I haven't found a new, bigger planter that I like. I have been looking though - I have done ceramic planters all my life, and I've been looking for some decent galvanized ones, without any luck.

I didn't like seeing the plastic container anymore, and finally I decided to make this super simple burlap wrap.

I had bought the burlap as a runner for my dining room table, but the little fibres leave a huge mess. The runner cost me only $3.25 at Creative Bag; not bad to fit a table seven feet long with overhang! And because it was so inexpensive, I wasn't reluctant to re-purpose it into something different.


  • Measuring tape

  • Fabric scissors

  • Glue gun


First, I measured the diametre of the plastic container, being that it is slightly larger than the pot. Then, I added an inch to the measurement, and cut the runner down to that size. It's always better to cut a piece longer than too short.

The runner was about 12 inches wide, and so I folded about 5 inches in and glued it. The reason I did it this way, rather than cut the excess fabric off, was to give it more opacity and therefore make it impossible to see the pot beneath the fabric. Then, I wrapped the folded fabric around the plant and glued the end. Be careful with the glue gun. The glue is hot, and when you press down on the fabric, press gently and try not to actually touch the glue with your fingers. Also, make sure the fabric isn't glued directly to the pot. That would defeat the purpose of a reusable wrap.

This entire project took about 10 minutes and cost as little as $3.25. I had all the tools on hand. You can, if you wanted, add more to the wrap, but I chose to leave it plain and simple. To me, burlap is a beautiful, natural fabric that speaks for itself.

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Have a great day, friends.

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