I have always had a crazy obsession with making gift tags.

The fact is, making gift tags is SO EASY, and really fun to do. You can make them small or big, round or rectangle, plain or fancy, whatever you like!

Today I will show you how to create the most basic of tag shapes:

Once you see how easy and fun it is, you'll want to make them on your own too.


  • Scrapbook paper

  • Card stock paper in white or a light hue

  • Glue stick

  • Martha Stewart paper trimmer

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Extras for embellishing (optional)


First of all, go and buy yourself the prettiest scrapbook papers you can find. See the bees and butterflies below? That is scrapbook paper taken from a 6 x 6 inch paper pad. You can also buy paper suited for occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and Halloween.

Glue the scrapbook paper to the card stock. I say go with white or a light hue because when you write on the back, you want the writing to be legible. I glued my papers to a light pink card stock. By doing this, you are giving the tags extra weight. This step however is completely optional.

Trim the paper down to about a 2 x 3 inch rectangle. You may be able to get several shapes out of your paper. Then, take a pair of scissors and cut two adjacent corners on a short side at about a 45 degree angle.

Once that's done, punch the hole for the ribbon to go through. You can use an ordinary single-hole punch, or buy a specially designed craft punch that gives you smaller holes.

You've now got yourself some pretty gift tags! And didn't I tell you it was easy? Next, it's up to you if you want to let the patterns do the talking, or if you want to embellish the tags. Rhinestones are my favourite and most easy to use. You can buy them in all sorts of colours. Michaels has these [green ones shown] for $1.50 per pack, and they are self-adhesive. You can also add glitter, and other cut out shapes in colours which compliment the pattern of your tag.

Thanks for taking a look at this simple craft project that will add beautiful value to your next gifts.

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