I'm not a jewellery maker. Although, after this project, there is something quite intriguing about making my own jewellery. Imagine the possibilities of what you can do. Last week, I walked into Michaels to pick up a few items, and I stopped by the jewellery supplies while I was there. There were hundreds of different charms and chains to choose, simple or dazzling, depending on your style, to purchase and make original jewellery. There was also tools, but for now I thought, let me try to get away with creating a simple, no-tools required bracelet until I'm serious about this jewellery making thing.

After some time browsing, I brought home with me...

...Blue Moon Beads gold bracelet chain, and Bead Landing Oceanside 5 pc. charms.

I'm really into the nautical look these days. And gold has become a favourite colour to wear lately. I never thought that I would in a million years be into wearing gold, something that seemed so old fashioned to my generation growing up. But gold is making a strong comeback, and it is truly a beautiful metal.

At the ends of the chain are two hooks (clips?) Please pardon my lack of jewellery jargon! Simply attach one or two charms (5 would be too much) on one hook, and voila! You've got yourself a stylish (and perfect to go with your summer outfits) bracelet.

What makes this project even more enticing is the price.

Cost Breakdown:

5 pc. charms: $6

Gold chain: $7

So you see for less than $15 you can create a beautiful, personally designed bracelet, and if you like, switch up the charms whenever you feel like it. Or, for under $45, you can make five unique bracelets (which I think would make cute loot-bag gifts at a little girl's party).

Total time to make one bracelet: how long does it take you to count to 3?

Are you into jewellery making? I would love to see your work. Leave your link in the comments below.

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