Good morning...

I wanted to officially welcome you all to White House Crafts.

This official page for my blog and craft shop is a very special place for me. It gives me the opportunity to share my passions and projects with the world, and it's a place that I can call my very own. To a person like me, a mom, a wife, and a homemaker, I can't begin to express how excited I am to embark on this personal journey.

I also wanted to give you an update that the website is far from finished. I am working on linking up all of the social links. There you will be able to follow this blog from home or on the go. I will update the profile picture with a photo of me. The flowers are pretty, but I'm sure you want to see who I am. There is a lot of tweaking to do, so please be patient with me. As I continue to publish posts, you will slowly see the blog taking shape.

Thanks for being here and riding along on this journey with me.



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