Craft stores are by far my favourite places to browse and shop for supplies, but did you know that if you looked hard enough, you can find some sweet deals from dollar stores too?

Yesterday I popped into Dollarama for a few things, and when I entered the craft aisle, my eyes were immediately drawn to these:

These adorable, small punches add to my collection, and would be cute to use on future cards, tags, and fun crafts with my daughter when she's a little older. They would also make adorable table confetti using a variety of colourful papers. But the best part about them - I paid only $1.25 each!

As some of you know, craft punches can cost well into $30 for larger ones with multi-punch options. Wherever I can get a good deal, I'm all over it (and you should be too!)

Where have you found good deals on craft supplies? Do share!

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