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White House Crafts started as an online shop selling handmade paper products such as greeting cards, tags, and stationery anywhere in Canada and the U.S.  ​The White House Crafts blog shares all kinds of crafts and DIY projects that go beyond the paper realm.  All of my projects include tutorials in categories including home decor, wood crafts, yarn crafts, and kids crafts. Click to read the BLOG!









My name is Antonella, your writer, photographer, and enthusiastic crafter! I work a full-time job, but on the weekends you'll find me buried nose deep in my craft room.  I'm a mom to one super energetic little girl and three cats, and it's my goal to inspire you to be creative thinking and follow your dreams.  I'm happy to have you here with me! Feel free to browse the site, sign up with your email for post updates, and follow along on social media!

I do get asked all kinds of questions from time to time, so be sure to also check out the FAQs below!




Are you accepting guest posts? 

At this time I am the sole contributor to White House Crafts.  With my wonky work schedule, it's just a lot easier for me to manage, and I can freely post when I'm available to rather than stick to set time lines.  

Do you work with brands?

I haven't worked with many brands, but if the offered brand or product fits the theme of this blog, I am more than happy to work with you.  By 'fits' I mean it has to be a project that you would see here at White House Crafts.  Either a tutorial in paper crafts, kids crafts, home decor, printables, etc.  

Can I post your tutorials on my blog?

You are welcome to share my projects! But I do ask that you refrain from sharing a post in its entirety.  One or two images are acceptable, but please provide a link back to White House Crafts for your readers to get the full tutorial.

How can I reach you?

There are a number of ways! First, you can leave a comment after any blog post.  Second, you'll notice at the bottom left hand corner of the site there is a chat box.  It's the easiest way to interact with me if I'm online; I will respond instantly.  If I happen to be offline, then you can leave your coordinates for me to get back to you to answer your comments or questions.  The third way is you can click on CONTACT and leave a note or email me directly at the email address provided.  And finally, I'm very active on social media! My social buttons can be found in the header.  Interacting with me that way ensures the quickest replies.

Does Amazon really pay you?

Yes, but I have to make a certain dollar amount with Amazon before they issue me a cheque.


Is blogging your full time job?

That being said, I don't do this thing full time.  I have another job that makes me money! But crafting is a long time hobby of mine, and sharing it here has been a dream.  However, any monies I make from blogging allows me to increase the budget on my projects.  So any help from you is greatly appreciated! :)

I am so thrilled to have you browsing around.  Thank you again for visiting White House Crafts!


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